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Welcome to 2018

Welcome to our Blog for 2018, we are going to be adding weekly updates bringing you tips and hints for in the gym, nutrition and diet guidance and help improving your health outside of the gym. Were aiming to educate you how to become the healthiest, fittest and strongest you've ever been.

First off just a quick reminder of timetable changes happening this year...

Tuesday 6:30am - is now a SWEAT class instead of Barbell Club (this class is free throughout January)

Teens Classes are only on Tuesday @4:30pm (the Thursday and Saturday sessions are no longer running)

Price Updates

SWEAT - £6 pay as you go or our new monthly membership for £40 (offering you 5 SWEAT classes a week)

Teens - no membership just £5 per class.

The Program

The program this year is going to be split into 6 week blocks with specific focus on skill/strength elements rotating throughout the next 12 months. The conditioning aspect of our program will stay the same and vary day to day on the time domain/skill set/task. The first 6 weeks looks like this

Mondays - Conditioning + Strength

Tuesdays - Skill + Conditioning

Wednesdays - Weightlifting + Conditioning

Thursdays - Intervals + Core (we are keeping Thursdays barbell free - this allows you to take some stress off the body, remember we offer Barbell Conditioning today if you need your fix)

Fridays - Strength + Conditioning

Keep a look out for the updates via social media,

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