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Customer Testimonials


Sally Fairhurst

By my mid thirties I had tried various sports to keep fit, having worked hard to lose a few extra stone that I didn’t want to put back on. At OSP I got much more than I bargained for - and have never looked back!

There is an awareness and openness to talk about mental health which is refreshing - as I know training has certainly helped me through some real personal lows - and has also provided some of the highs.


Andrew Batey

I was made to feel really welcome by the coaches and the other members in the classes I attended. I was shown how to do everything properly right from a basic sit-up to the complicated Olympic lifts Snatch and Clean & jerk.

This is the best gym I have ever attended and I include my time in the military in that. The atmosphere is fantastic and I have made friends there that will be friends for life. At 42 years old I am fitter and stronger than I have ever been and I genuinely enjoy getting up in the morning and going to the 0630 class. I can’t speak highly enough of OSP.


Tom Evans

I have been a member at Optimal Sports Performance for 2 years and since day one I have felt like I was part of the family.

The community of friends I have made over this time period will be forever friends.
The buzzing spirit of the gym comes from the positive vibe starting with the coaches and flowing through to the members.


Rob Peters

I joined OSP when in a rut, looking to get back into shape and keep out the pub. After 20mins I thought I was going to quit, but looking around seeing people of all backgrounds and age groups giving it their all knew it was the place for me.

I won best male newcomer in 2017 which drove me on, even in injury the gym looked after me getting me back on track. I've met some very inspirational people here and new friends, looking for more than a gym look no further.


Lydia Proud

I had little interest in exercise and fitness, was over weight and unfit and needed something more than just a regular gym to motivate me, and I definitely came to the right place!

The atmosphere created for members at OSP is second to none, teamed with the amazing knowledge and programming offered by the coaches it’s a perfect environment to train in. Personally I’ve been able to meet weight loss goals, performance goals and personal goals, compete in competitions and attend training days which I don’t think would have been achievable elsewhere. So much so, their encouragement has motivated me to the point of now working towards completing my own personal training course.


Bernie Allen

Suffering with arthritis means that my days of constant running and jumping are dim and distant memories but adaptive programming, attention to form and lots of accessory movements means I can still train 4 or 5 times a week.


Adaptive programming does not mean an easier workout, I always end up sweaty, out of breath and knackered by the end experience. It does however mean creative, responsive programming which takes into account not just the objective of the cycle and the session but also the nuances how my body is moving that day.


I’m still achieving new goals and still loving the challenge: which is no mean feat at 05:45 on a freezing cold winters morning and is all down to the enthusiasm and commitment of the staff at OSP. 

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